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Super Sophomore Camp – Day 2 Recap

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Written by: Glen Mayo (@G_Mayo850) & Taylor Hicks (@Nextuprecruits)
Day 2 of the Super Soph Camp was a good one.  Not only did we get to watch each team play 2 games, but also got to see them do a lot of drill work. Some of the same kids played just as well the second day, but there were some others that really stepped their game up.  Check out a few of the day 2 standouts.
 jalek felton

Jalek Felton – 6’3 Combo Guard of Mullins HS

Strong, athletic guard that does it all at a high level. His handle is tight, and he attacks the rim hard. He does a good job of creating his own shot, and his shot is really nice. He is at his best and can show off his great athleticism when he is in transition. Very good passer and leader, both are often overlooked skills.

PJ Washington – 6’7 Power Forward – Memphis, TN – Lone Star HS

PJ is an exciting player to watch, as he is always competing. PJ isn’t just a hustle player though, he is one of the most athletic post in the gym. He does a great job of staying on the move, posting hard, and finishing through contact. He has excellent footwork, which makes him tough to defend. Very impressed with his overall game; High Level Player.

Jarred Vanderbilt 6’8 Small Forward – Houston, TX – Victory Prep

Jarred is a special athlete that has the total package. He plays the game with a ton of poise, and he has a very good basketball IQ. He passes almost as well as any guard at this camp. Jarred has very good athleticism, and is a handle when out in transition. He is capable of knocking down shots, but I really like how he doesn’t settle much.

chyree walker

Chyree Walker – 6’4 Guard of Paul VI Catholic

Chyree is an athletic guard that attacks the basket well. He has a decent handle that allows him to be a nightmare to slow down in transition. He has a pretty good feel for the game, and picks and chooses his time to attack. He was active on the boards today, and even blocked a few shots.

 ikechuwu Obiago

Ikechukwu Obiago – 6’9 Center of Green Forrest Christian HS

Ike is 7’0 with a 7’4 wingspan.  He is a very good shot blocker and he showed everyone that tonight, which is why we added him on the day 2 recap.  He earned his spot by playing extremely hard and being the ultimate basket defender; when he is not blocking shots, he is at least altering them.  His offense needs work, but he does understand to keep the ball up high in the paint and he did that today.  He gets a lot of rebounds and put back buckets on offense.  Once he improves his offensive skillset, he will be a serious problem on BOTH ends of the court, instead of mainly on the defensive end.


Qyemah Gibson – 6’6 Small Forward – Tulsa, OK – SOYL Academy

Gibson is a stretch forward that has a ton of athleticism. He has to improve his handle, but showed he is capable of putting it on the floor. Really enjoyed watching how much energy he plays with. After he got a shot or two to fall he became a different player with much more confidence.

Ian Steere – 6’7 Power Forward – Sanford, NC – Overhills

Ian is only 14 years old and is physically gifted.  He has good hands, a nice frame, and is a strong kid.  Today he played good on both ends inside the paint, showing that he can block shots and rebound well.  He gets the majority of his points near the basket and has a nice touch on his shot.  He stood out today with his powerful two-handed dunks and his incredible amount of effort that he continuously plays with on both ends of the floor.

trent gilbert

Gary Trent Jr. – 6’3 Shooting Guard – St. Paul, MN – Apple Valley

Gary has a great looking stroke and knocking down multiple threes in a game is something he does regularly; whether it is a set shot, off the dribble, or pulling up in transition, it really doesn’t matter, because he is comfortable in any of those situations.  Not only can he shoot the lights out, but he can also put it on the floor and create for himself and others. He is an attacking guard that plays aggressive.  This kid can really score in bunches as he showed us that today.

victor enoh

Victor Enoh – 6’7 PF – Decatur, GA – Green Forest Academy

Victor is a big strong kid with a great frame and broad shoulders. He runs the floor well and punishes the goal with his dunks in transition.  This kid owns the paint on both ends, as he understands how to use his strength and size to get position.  He rebounds at a high level and is one of the most physically gifted kids in this event.  Look for him to improve his mid range game and become a serious problem in the near future.  This Power Forward has some serious upside.


 Jordan Whitfield – 6’1 PG – Raleigh, NC – Word Of God

Really liked Jordan today.  Day 1 he didn’t play as aggressive, but today was a totally different story.  Whitfield is a true PG that loves to push the ball up-tempo.  He excels in transition and seems to constantly get his teammates involved.  The PG was scoring in all types of ways today; hitting the perimeter jump shot, pull up jump shot, and finishing in traffic.  Not only that, but he made some of the quickest and best passes that I saw today.