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7’0 Brad Brechting will fill a void for any college team

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Brad Brechting is 7 feet tall, and don’t get it twisted. For as little difference there is between being 6’10, 6’11 or 7’0, it just sounds bigger and better.

“I’m really 6’11 but with basketball shoes on I’m 7’0,” said Brechting with a grin. “So when people ask I just say yeah 7 feet tall.”

Brechting has a nice touch for a big man

Brechting has a nice touch for a big man

No matter how tall, the fact is that Brad Brechting can play. The big man from Cedar Springs high school has been an unstoppable force for the past two seasons, averaging well over 20 points per contest and continues to get better.

Brechting has an extremely high motor, moves well in the paint and is able to run the floor. On offense he is smooth when he puts the ball on the deck and has good hands for a big. Although his post moves are not polished, he uses his high basketball IQ to outsmart more athletic players down low. Brechting is also an excellent passer out of the high post, something that most players cannot claim.

“I see the next level as being a fast paced game with players who leave everything on the court. I’m going to put my all into everything I do and I’m a team player. Being a big man that can run is going to help me in college a lot,” Brechting said when asked how his game translates to the collegiate level.

Not only an efficient offensive player, Brechting is a force inside on defense. He prides himself on swatting shots and protecting the basket. His long arms make it tough for any opponent to get their shot off, especially since Brechting is very quick off of the ground.

The Cedar Springs center is a ferocious rebounder who catches the ball at its highest point with two hands. Once he has it in his grasp, the 7 footer will swing his arms to protect and secure the board. This aggressive trait goes along with his tendency to dunk on defenders, proving why the big man has a mean streak on the court. Brechting does not mess around with smaller players trying to defend him and will stare them down after embarrassing them with a monster jam or vicious swat.

“You have to let the opposing team know that you are there are there is nothing they can do about it,” said Brechting about how he tries to dominate each and every game.

ESPN has recognized Brechting as the 4th best player in the state of Michigan in the Class of 2015. Rivals has named him the 150th best player in the Class of 2015 in the nation.  All of the well-known scouting services have listed him as a 3-star player or higher for the upcoming season. The real question then is, why does 7’0 Brad Brechting not have more hype?

Brechting is a fierce rebounder

Brechting is a fierce rebounder

As of right now the Red Hawk only has one offer from Central Michigan University. He has heard from Mid-Major schools such as: Oakland, Saint Louis, Western Michigan, Dayton, Toledo, Air Force, Wichita State and High-Major schools like: Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. Surprisingly though, none have made the extra effort to actually offer the big man.

A player with Brechting’s talent, size, basketball IQ, and ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor, usually has multiple offers at this stage in his high school career. Perhaps it is the fact that he plays for a smaller school on the west side of the state of Michigan or that some people say that he is overrated. Whatever the case may be, Brechting is not letting any negative talk affect him.

“I just ignore them. They can think what they want but I know what I’m capable of doing and will just keep moving on.”

Brechting is going to let his play do the talking and not worry about any of the recruiting scene for right now. If he continues to dominate the paint in July, Brechting will impress High-Major college coaches and start to build on the number of offers he has and deserves.

The below video is of Brad Brechting dunking over a helpless defender a year ago. Come out and watch Brad play to see why he projects as a very good center at the next level.

The below video is of Brad Brechting blocking a shot, running the floor well and then being rewarded with a dunk. This is exactly what bigs are asked to do in college.

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